Tesla Coils, Computers, Solar Panel Prototypes.


Tesla Coil Projects

09-29-2010: Egad, an update! A small one though - changed hosting companies. I, and many others, shall be glad to be rid of

09-27-2006: There's a new page in the Solar Panel section. While I was at it, I removed The Fleet section. It was horribly outdated, and I really have no idea when or if it'll ever be updated.

01-24-2006: The Solar Panel pages are now Valid HTML 4.01 Transitional.

01-14-2006: The Scanner PC pages are now Valid HTML 4.01 Transitional. The accompanying thumbnails for the Scanner PC have been more heavily compressed for slightly quicker load times.

01-09-2006: Finally, an update for the Tesla Coil Section! A few minor edits were made to each page, and an Action Shots section has been added, which contains 4 videos and some pictures of the coil in action.

06-28-2005: Some of the buttons are now PNG instead of GIF or JPG. Ooh, aah.

05-19-2005: You may have noticed by now that I haven't re-coded the entire site. I might do an outright overhaul sometime, and move to CSS format for everything. But maybe that'll wait, as 1) I don't know CSS well, and 2) I find programming to be utterly tedious. So maybe one of my electives at college in the next year or so could be a CSS class, and I'll use that opportunity to redo my site.

03-19-2005: This page is now " Valid HTML 4.01 Transitional!" Looks the same, doesn't it? Compliant coding helps ensure that it will look that way on any browser. The rest of the site will eventually receive similar treatment, as well as some general code cleanup in the coming weeks.

03-13-2005: Some stress testing has been done on the solar panel prototype; details are on Page 6.

03-07-2005: The Solar Panel Prototypes pages are done. They are accessible in the Projects section.

03-06-2005: Finally, another update. I'm recoding the Scanner PC pages so that the spacing for the picture captions should scale better for different font sizes and screen resolutions. Also in the works is a section on some solar panels I'm working on. The update Scanner PC pages will be uploaded as I finish them; the solar panel section will be posted when it's entirely finished.

12-06-2004: Looks like I forgot to renew my domain name this year. Again. That's why the site was offline for awhile.

10-20-2004: A few changes were made to the directory listing abilties. I'm trying to limit the number of "Access Forbidden" messages, and make it so that visitors are shown a regular HTML page instead. Plus, it's just helping to tidy up the coding of the pages a bit. Hopefully there won't be too many 404's as a result.

10-12-2004: The Scanner PC webpages have been posted in the Projects section. Enjoy!

10-10-2004: The Scanner PC webpages are very nearly completed. I just need to fully try them out first, check them for errors, and then make a few tweaks. Hopefully this week shall see them posted here.

08-02-2004: I've decided I'll allow a sneak-peak at the pictures I collected, before I get around to finishing the page for it. So for now, your only description of the pictures will have to be the filenames. They're only ordered by name, not by when they were taken. Here's the directory listing link.

07-26-2004: After several months of slow and less-than-steady work, the Scanner-PC is actually mostly finished - the hardware end of it anyway. Its page will appear in the Projects section. I have many, many pictures to sift through, edit, and post, as well as a lot to write for it. I'll try to have the page ready in a bit less time than it took to make the Scanner-PC itself. I'll also try to find time to fill in the missing pieces here, such as the Links and About Me sections, and Apparition's page in The Fleet.

06-07-2004: Projects section added.

05-25-2004: The Fleet section has been updated. I'm going with a slightly modified format for my systems. Since they tend to change over time, I'm going to make a new/updated page each time they're upgraded. There's just one right now, but I'm sure it'll change in time.
I've also got plans to add a section for my various projects, such as monitor repairs, my Scanner PC, and anything else I feel may be at all relevant. Relevant to what I don't know. But it'll definitely be relevant to something.
And one of these days I'll actually enable the Links and About Me buttons - once I actually have content for them to point to.

04-19-2004: Here it is finally, my updated website. Some of it won't work, as the content either hasn't been uploaded yet, or else it hasn't been created. The Tesla Coil section is largely the same, with just a few updates throughout it. The Fleet is about a fourth done - my main system's page is nearly complete; not much else is. So if you see anything in the Tesla Coil section that's screwed up, let me know at the contact link located there
As you can see, my HTML skills are somewhat limited, so don't yell at me about how pathetic it looks. I wasn't going to take an advanced HTML course to make a m4d 1337-l00king w3bs!te or anything like that. So here it is, simple and....yeah, simple. The Fleet leads to the section of the site about my computers and the various projects associated with them. So that's about it for here; click on something already!


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