Total Costs

The costs shown below are what I paid. Your costs will vary, depending on where you buy your parts.
1. The overall cost of the secondary coil is $25.00.
2. The overall cost of the primary coil is $6.00
3. The overall cost of the safety gap is $2.00
4. The overall cost of the spark gap is $14.00
5. The overall cost of the power supplies varies. I got the 6,000 volt transformer at All Electronics for $20.00, though they are now sold out.

If you can't find anything locally, there's always eBay. They aren't exactly popular there (I mean, doesn't everybody own a 9KV transformer???), so the prices should be decent, about $10 for a 6KV, 30mA transformer. I just got a two transformers off eBay, totaling around $25, plus $13 to ship. They were, both at 30mA each, 6000 volts, and 9000 volts. I hooked up the 6KV one today. Nice! Got some good 3 inch sparks off the thing. I think I need to make the primary coil a bit bigger though.
High Voltage Transformer Category

The overall cost of this Tesla Coil, including any extra costs, can vary. But I figure it to be between $60 and $80.

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