Transformer Protection

This protection is in the form of chokes. These coils of wire oppose power surges, reducing the risk of overloading and destroying the main transformer.

For this section, you will need the following items:
1. 2 ferrite toroids that are 1 3/4" wide, and about 3/8" thick. They should have an inner diameter of at least 1".
2. About 15 feet of 18 gauge insulated wire. You can use solid or stranded wire, with either plastic or enamel wire. I used stranded, plastic insulated speaker wire.

Put 3" of wire through the middle of the ferrite toroid, and hot glue it to the top of the toroid. Now begin looping the wire around the ring until it is wound all the way around. Each turn should be perpendicular to the outside of the toroid. Do the same for the other ferrite toroid, making sure that both have an equal number of turns.

This is what a finished choke should resemble.

Cost of the Transformer Protection
1. The ferrite toroids are 4/$1.00 at The Electronic Goldmine
2. The 18 gauge wire can be bought at a Sears Hardware store, or at The Electronic Goldmine. At EG it is $2.00 for a 30 foot roll.

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