Tesla Coil Safety

Read over these rules, and know them well when you are near a Tesla Coil.
1. The primary coil, the capacitor, and the spark gap are particular shock hazards. DO NOT TOUCH these, or any other parts of the Tesla Coil while it is running.
2. Keep a few feet away from any part of the coil while it is operating, as sparks may jump from the primary coil. THESE SPARKS ARE LETHAL!
3. Once the Tesla Coil has been shut down, IT IS STILL DANGEROUS! The capacitors store more than enough power to kill you! They MUST be fully discharged after the Tesla Coil has been turned on, even if the coil has been on only for a few seconds.
4. If you are not sure if you remembered to discharge the capacitors the last time you ran the coil, do not touch them. Discharge them just to be sure.
5. Even if you're sure that you discharged the capacitors, still treat them as though they were dangerous. Never let your guard down with this kind of contraption.
6. Keep all pets, small children, and any other people away from the operating coil, or any of the capacitors, unless they fully know and understand the danger of this coil.
7. Do not allow any of the streamers coming off of the discharge terminal at the top of the secondary coil to contact bare skin. Once the coil is tuned and operating smoothly, you may try the following: obtain an 6-inch electrically conductive bolt. Hold one end in your bare hand, and allow streamers to hit the other end of it. Now hold a flourescent tube in your other hand. The tube should light dimly.
8. Do not operate the Tesla Coil near any computers. It is also recommended that you unplug such devices while operating the coil.

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