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The project shown on this page is dangerous, and can result in severe electrical shock, and it CAN KILL YOU if you are not careful!! Please do not begin construction of this coil until you have read the safety precautions on the
Safety Page
Remember, this is only information. No one but YOU is in control of what you do with it.

Neither I, nor ANY of the suppliers of parts for the Tesla Coil are responsible for ANY damages or injuries caused by or to Tesla Coils, or ANY of their components. I am also not responsible for any of the individual warranties on any of the parts. Remember, you are responsible for all of your actions.

Please read through these instructions before attempting to construct the Tesla Coil. As you build this coil, it is a good idea to have a high temperature hot glue gun, several glue sticks, and a roll of duct tape standing by. You will also need some good 2-part epoxy. I used 8 gauge, stranded, plastic insulated wire for any other connections. I bought a 10-foot roll at an auto store.

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